Supervision & Mentoring

I am looking for suitable candidates to pursue postgraduate studies under my supervision, preferably those who have experience and would like to explore the following research areas:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Internet of Things Architecture and Interoperability
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Smart Environments
  • Ambient Intelligence and Smart Home Activity Recognition

Please contact me at thinagaran [at ] upm [dot] edu [dot] my for further discussion.

Please provide details of your academic background and qualifications, working experiences (if any), as well as research interests.

Postgraduate Students

PhD – as Chairman / Main Supervisor (On-going)

  1. Noor Farah Shahida Mohd Haris, Phd in Intelligent Systems, A New Enhanced Clustering Method for IoT Devices Profile Generation in Smart Home Environment, semester 2-2015-2016 – On-going
  2. Suman Sukhvasi, PhD in Intelligent Systems, Semantic Internet of Things for Heterogeneous Smart Objects Management, Semester 1-2017-2018- On-going
  3. Lawal Babangida, PhD in Intelligent Systems, Binary Vectorization for Solving Activity Recognition, Semester 1 2019-2020- Ongoing
  4. Rasel Ahmed, PhD in Intelligent Systems, Microservices for IoT Ecosystem, Semester 1 2019-2020- Ongoing
  5. Subashini Raghavan, PhD in Intelligent Systems, IoT Ontology for Smart City, Semester 1 2019-2020- Ongoing
  6. Sivakumar Kalimuthu, PhD in Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering, Activity Discovery in Ambient Intelligence, Semester 1 2019-2020- Ongoing

PhD – as Chairman / Main Supervisor (Graduated)

  1. Raihani Mohamed Low, PhD in Intelligent Systems, Improving Multi-Resident Activity Recognition in Smart Home Using Multi Label Classification with Adaptive Profiling, 2018.

PhD –as Co-Supervisor (Graduated)

  1. Abdul Rafiez bin Abdul Raziff, PhD in Intelligent Systems, Improved Binary Classifcation with Data Oversampling in Gait Recognition, 2018.
  2. Muhammad Noorazlan Shah bin Zainuddin, PhD in Intelligent Systems Class Binarization with Self-Adaptive Algorithm to Imprive Human Activity Recognition, 2018.
  3. Ahmad Shahi Soozaei, PhD in Intelligent Systems Integrated Learning Method for Real-time System in Intelligent Building, 2015.
  4. Muhammad Syafiq bin Mohd Pozi, PhD in Intelligent Systems Improvement on Kernel Methods for Classification Task on Imbalanced Dataset Classification Task, 2015.

PhD – as Co-Supervisor (On-Going)

  1. Mohammed Ibrahim, PhD in Information Security, IoT Forensic for Enterprise Network
  2. Mohammed Hisyamuddin bin Kasim, PhD in Computer Networks, An Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network Environment with Integrated NOR Flash Memory.
  3. Nurulain Binti Mat Ismail, Smart City Framework (PhD in Computer System Engineering), Faculty of Engineering, UPM.
  4. Kogila Muthusamy, PhD in Multimedia, Multimodal Learning Analystics: Using Moble Math-Game App towards Improving the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics.

Masters – as Chairman / Main Supervisor (On-going)

  1. Kwan Wei Peng, Master Science in Intelligent Systems, Design and Development of Embedded Systems based Indoor Positioning for Heteregeneous Objects in Internet of Things Environment.

Masters – as Co-Supervisor (On-going)

  1. Muhd Amirul Hakim Bin Zailan, Msc in Database System, Improving Polynomial-Based Sensor Data Model for Efficient Sensor Data Storage in An IoT System.
  2. Athimahendran Pannerselvam, Master Science in Intelligent Systems, Enhanced Fall Detection Framework for Heterogeneous IoT Objects.
  3. Azwanis Binti Abdosamad, Master Science in Intelligent Systems, Detecting preservation of similar cancer module in breast and prostate cancers using aritifical neural network.

Masters –as Co-Supervisor (Graduated)

  1. Samia Khan, (Master in Communication System Engineering, Faculty of Engineering) Localized Secure Routing for Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.